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BRMSCO Garments Private Limited is a leading technology-based company engaged in the manufacture of plastic woven fabrics and flexible packaging material. Operating with a capacity of 700 MT sacks per month and generating an multi crore  turnover  , BRMSCO is located in Ernakulam district in the scenic Indian state of Kerala. 

Over 300 professionals serve the company in technical and non-technical roles. It has a 50000 square feet factory and a 5000 square feet office spread over 5 acres and brings together advanced ERP technology and efficient manufacturing facilities under one roof. A well-equipped in-house testing laboratory guarantees delivery of reliable products of international standard.

The company strives for better quality products through technological improvements and product up-gradation. They continuously engaging in inventions of better manufacturing techniques to improve production and meticulously developed to create world class products. 

Brmsco Garments is expecting its total production to touch 720 MT in the next fiscal year, of about 10% over the ongoing financial year. The future concepts of Brmsco Garments private limited include in sliding of wastage to zero percent and there by obtaining its maximum production


Competitive Pricing

Timely Delivery

Professional Management


Testing Laboratory

Rigorous Quality Control



Ideal Working Atmosphere

Skilled Workforce

ERP and Logistics Management Systems